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Institute for Trade and Innovation

Symposium 2022 - Managing the Green Transition in Times of Crisis

Germany-Scotland Forum 2022 - Tuesday, 24 May 2022

The Germany-Scotland Forum on Responsible Green Growth covered top-level climate trade and investment priorities, as well as Environmental Social Governance. Panels focused on sustainability, hydrogen and renewable energy, as well as a more technology-oriented discussion how data and digitalisation are empowering companies’ journey towards sustainability and process efficiency. As Whisky - Scotland’s most famous product - has been leading the way in reducing CO2 emissions moving towards powering and heating distilleries through renewable sources and using organic ingredients and low carbon materials, a whisky and gin tasting highlighted products created in Scotland’s greenest distilleries.   

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IfTI Global Symposium 2022 and Germany-Scotland Forum
 24-25 May 2022
Online Virtual and at Offenburg University, Campus Gengenbach

IfTI Global Symposium 2022 - Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Making innovation, trade, investment and environment policy goals mutually supportive creates challenges for internationally-oriented firms, financial institutions, governments and other stakeholders. Will the Ukraine war derail the green energy transition? How can governments and the financial system work together to broaden, deepen, and accelerate the global transition to net zero? What are innovation, trade and investment opportunities for green growth? How to refocus government financing instruments to support countries and trade partners meet their climate targets in times of crisis? The IfTI Global Symposium 2022 discussed challenges to trade in a new global order, as well as opportunities and threats of the green transition.

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