Aman Union Certificates in Trade Credit Insurance

Continuing education and training are key topics for the Aman Union since its inception. The Aman Union Academy which has been created in collaboration with Offenburg University is an important part of this purpose. The programme offers participants the opportunity for a period of intensive study in subject areas relevant their current and future professional life. The academic community at Offenburg University aims to inspire students to develop knowledge and skills.

The Aman Union Certificate in Trade Credit Insurance is based on four units leading to 15 (ECTS) credits. In Semester One, participants will focus on ECA Foundations and Principles as well as Insurance Markets and Regulations. In Semester Two, you will complete Underwriting and Portfolio Management, and Claims and Recovery. The units will be delivered both by renowned Offenburg University Professors and well-reputed practitioners.

The Aman Union Advanced Certificate in Trade Credit Insurance is based on five units leading to 15 (ECTS) credits focusing on management and leadership. It includes Strategic Management as well as Innovation and Design Thinking for trade credit insurers in Semester One. In Semester two, you will study three units: Risk Management and Compliance, Digitalisation: Fintech and Insuretech, as well as Structuring Transactions.

This course is delivered exclusively for member organisations of the Aman Union. As a professional forum assembling commercial and non-commercial risk insurers and reinsurers in member countries of the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Arab Investment & Export Credit Guarantee Corporation, the Aman Union aims at promoting and developing the risk insurance industry and strengthening mutual relationships among members.

Prospective participants have to contact the Secretary General of the Aman Union to apply.