Institute for Trade and Innovation

Symposium - 2020

In challenging times of economic uncertainty, it is crucial to understand the role of innovation in driving productivity and to rethink how innovative exporters can remain competitive. The IfTI Global Symposium 2020 showcased multiple perspectives of how to foster economic growth through innovation and trade in times of COVID-19. Among the topics discussed were public policy approaches and financing tools to accelerate innovation, the convergence of development and trade finance, as well as financing solutions for Africa’s transformation in a world of change. These various viewpoints were presented by high-level policy makers and experienced practitioners. The Symposium was unique in its quest to bring together world-class speakers and experts from many corners of policymaking and international finance.

IfTI Global Symposium: Fostering Economic Development in a World of Change
  16-17 September 2020
Online Virtual and at Offenburg University, Campus Gengenbach

The IfTI Global Symposium 2020 was an innovative hybrid event. It shared approaches to address challenges in innovation, trade and economic development, presented case studies, and offered opportunities to discuss practical and pragmatic ways to move forward in times of corona and global policy uncertainty.

The IfTI Global Symposium was hosted by the Institute for Trade and Innovation (IfTI) at Offenburg University. IfTI is home to leading academics in the field of trade and innovation-led economic development and growth through research and consultancy covering benchmarking, strategy, target operating models, institutional design and programme set-up.