Institute for Trade and Innovation

Study Programmes in Cooperation with the Institute for Trade and Innovation (IfTI)

Online/Distance PG Cert in Finance, Risk and Insurance

The online/distance Postgraduate Certificate (PG Cert) in Finance, Risk and Insurance is designed for junior staff as well as middle management aspiring to a successful career in finance, risk management and insurance. Participants learn from leading finance and credit insurance practitioners as well as renowned academics how to put insurance skills, business strategies and academic thinking into professional practice. The PG Cert is flexible in the delivery, and participants study a variety of online/distance modules guiding them through core financial and insurance skills. Prospective participants can apply via our partner KNect365 Learning (Informa Connect).

Aman Union Academy

The Aman Union Academy enables employees of member organisations to conduct a period of intensive study in subject areas relevant to their current and future professional life. As the exclusive learning provider for the Union, Offenburg University offers two programmes: The Aman Union Certificate in Trade Credit Insurance and the Aman Union Advanced Certificate in Trade Credit Insurance. Prospective participants have to contact the Secretary General of the Aman Union to apply.

About Offenburg University

Offenburg University is a research-rich, business focused, high-performance institution. It is based in the Black Forest, one of Germany’s economic powerhouses. Offenburg University is top five in applied research in the South West, forming a thriving community with more than 4,000 students on two campuses. The university is widely recognised for its international reach and was one of the first German universities with international Master programmes. Students benefit from world-class research and hands-on teaching.